Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going to Claudia's house

Claudia is a good friend, and yesterday we went to her house. Look in the post, "My horsey friends," to see more about Claudia. Claudia saddled Shilo and let me ride him. It felt good to be back in the saddle again after about a year, and Shilo listened to all my commands. Claudia taught me how to stop the horse by saying, "Whoa," and if the horse didn't stop I'd pull back on the reins. She told me about making a horse go, and how to twist my body in the direction I want to go so Shilo knows. Ethan and Oliver got to ride too, but Trevor didn't want to. Rio and Johny were beautiful (and Shilo was too) and they were friendly (Shilo was too). Shilo's saddle was a good size, and I got to help groom him before riding. Thank you, Claudia, for letting me ride.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Tovero mare. She has blue eyes, a "Shield" of black on her face, and a white mane and tail. Most of her body is white except the face, right back leg, and flank and a little on her lower rump.

Colors of the horse: pinto

This is a pinto coloring. Piebald is the pattern for this horse. Piebald is black and white.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Colors of the horse: Brindle

This is a Brindle coat color. It is a chestnut brindle.

Information about the Malapolski horse

This, the Malopolski horse, is a rare breed and is smart and beautiful.

Information about Lusitano horse

These, my friends, are Lusitano horses. The picture below is a chestnut mare, below that is a dapple gray Lusitano stallion, below that is another Lusitano horse, below that is a Lusitano foal. The Lusitano horse is athletic and beautiful. They make good friends and are easy to handle.

This is the Latvian horse. I'm sure you'll find it interesting. It is a beautiful, sweet horse and is very intelligent.


Hi! I'm Isabelle Madison Adler. I'm the one who has this horsey blog and am glad you could come see it. There are tons of different horse breeds and information about them and other things that I'm sure you'd like. Come visit any time!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Information about the Kinsky horse

This, the Kinsky horse, is a beautiful breed and is kind and sweet.

Information about Kathiawari

Check out this breed! The tips of its ears actually touch! This, my friends, is the Kathliawari breed. I'm sure you'll find it amazing and interesting to learn about. It is a popular sport horse and is also a great children's horse.

Information about the Karabakh horse

The Karabakh horse is a beautiful breed, smart and sweet.

Colors of the horse: Isabelline

My favorite color of horse, Isabelline! It's like silver, with a white mane and tail.

Colors of the horse: Cremello

This coloring is called Cremello. It is a light palomino with a cream or white mane and tail and a pink muzzle.

Colors of the horse: palomino

This a palomino horse coloring. The palomino has a cream or white mane and tail with white markings and a beautiful golden coat. Baby palomino horses are usually born white, and darken into palomino when they get older. A palomino horse is usually a Quarter horse, or sometimes a Thoroughbred.

Colors of the horse: Buckskin

This is a buckskin horse. Buckskin is like an orange color with black "points."

Colors of the horse: Cream gene

Cream gene is like a palomino color, with a light mane and tail and white markings.

Colors of the horse: Champagne

This coloring of horse is Champagne. This is like a dun color, usually with black "points" and white markings are also allowed.

Colors of the horse: chestnut

This is a reddish chestnut color with the same color mane and tail and white markings. Red chestnut horses are often called, "Sorrel."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Information about the Jutland horse

The Jutland Horse is a huge draft horse. It is used for pulling carriages and hauling wood and other heavy things.

Information about the Hanoverian horse

These pictures are of Hanoverian Horses. The Hanoverian horse is a popular sport horse, usually bay, or black in color, the Hanoverian horse is a master at dressage, and is also great at jumping, showing, and eventing. It is athletic and beautiful.
Hanoverians are from Germany. They are popular eventing (cross-country jumping, dressage, stadium jumping) horses. All pure Hanoverians have an identifying "H" brand tattoed usually on their hip. They stand 15 to 16.3 hands high. Today they are of show type (tall, sleek, with flashy gaits).

Information about the Furioso-North Star Horse

This is the Furioso-North Star Horse. It is usually dark bay, black, or chestnut in color. The Furioso-North Star Horse always has a star, and is a popular sport horse. This is a rare breed, and isn't usually seen.

Information about the Fresian Sport Horse

This is a Fresian Sport horse. It is a cross between a Fresian, and a Sport Horse. It is a very good dressage horse and event horse. Many people love the Fresian Sport Horse's easy going gait and personality.

Information about the French Trotter Horse

This is the French Trotter Horse. It is used for showing and eventing and is a popular sport horse. Usually dark bay, brown, or black, the French Trotter is an expert at driving. People love the French Trotter's grace and beauty, and love its smooth gait too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Information about Norwegian Fjord

This is the pony, the Norwegian Fjord. This pony is like small draft horse, used for pulling heavy things and for riding. They are very good dressage ponies, and are sweet and great for children. They have a mane that's standing up and a short tail with a big head and short legs.

Information about the Dutch Heavy Draft horse

This is the Dutch Heavy Draft Horse. It's a huge, shaggy kind. They are usually bay, sometimes black, and brown (below.) They are good show horses, and are sweet and loving.

Information about the Russian Don horse

This is the Russian Don horse. It is a very light breed with a tiny, detailed head and small but strong hindquarters and slopping shoulders. It has a short strong neck and thin, powerful and strong legs. These horses are usually chestnut, bay, or white.

Information about the Dole Gudbrandsal horse

This is the Dole Gudbrandsdal horse. It's a very rare breed, and is a small draft horse.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Information about the Criollo horse

This is the Criollo horse. It is a very rare, but beautiful breed. The picture below shows a Criollo horse that is in a rescue center.

Information about the Costa Rice Saddle Horse

This is the Costa Rica Saddle horse is a beautiful breed that is a very good riding horse. It has a smooth, comfortable gait and is a good friend.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Information about the Camargue horse

This is the Camargue horse. These horses are always white, they usually have tiny gray spots on them.

Information about the Calabrese horse

This is the Calabrese horse. These are gentle, beautiful horses standing 16 to 16.2 hands high. (A hand is four inches).