Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boarding a horse

Sometimes if a person doesn't have enough land to put a horse on, they board their horses at a boarding stable.
Boarding stables can be very expensive, though. You want to find one that isn't too expensive to board your horse at.
Before you decide if you want to board your horse at the stable, you definitely should go look at the stable. Look at the condition of the stalls - are they big enough for the horse to move around in and turn around if they want? Is there good bedding and good drainage in the stall? Do you think your horse will be comfortable in it?
Is there a good, clean tack room? Is it organized? Is the feed and storage room neat and organized?
If the boarding stable has a ring, either an outside one or an inside one or both, look at them both and look at the conditions of them. Is the dirt safe and easy to ride in?
Definitely look at the condition of the fields and paddocks. Is there a shelter in the paddock that the horse can easily get to? Is the fencing safe and built so that the horse can't get a hoof caught in it? Is there enough land so that the horse can run around? Is the grass in good shape? Are there any dangerous plants in the field?
Are there good people at the farm who can help you if you need it? What about the storage shed? Is it in a good place, not too close to the stable?
Ask a lot of questions about the stable. Make sure that it is a good place for your horse to stay and be comfortable in.