Monday, December 28, 2009

Sounds that horses make and moving their body

Horses can make lots of sounds, since they can't talk, they have to tell you things by making sounds and by moving different parts of their body. Soft blowing through the nose means, I like you. A snort can either be relaxed or it can be a warning. A whinny is usually to greet another horse or to say "I am here" if one horse doesn't know where the other is. A neigh is mostly to say hello to a horse or human. A nicker is a soft noise that the horse makes when it's calm or feels safe. Ear movements: Pricking the ears means the horse is curious or alert at what it sees, smells, or hears. Pinning the ears down means that the horse feels threatened or doesn't like something. Putting the ears apart facing the sides of the horse usually means that the horse feels calm or is threatened. Other parts of the body: kicking and biting mean "I am angry." A stomp of the foot and a swish of the tail mean that the horse is annoyed. rearing and neighing mean, "I am scared" or "I am angry." If you learn a horses' language it will learn yours.

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