Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preparing a mare for stud

Horse breeding is popular in many places. I'm going to tell you in this post how to prepare a mare for stud.
Make sure that your mare will come into heat at the right time and that there will be no problem. When you send your mare to stud, she may not like the stallion, which is one thing to consider. Mares have to decide if they like the stallion, or if they don't like the stallion. If they like the stallion, they will nicker to him and maybe nudge him, blowing softly through their nostrils.
If the mare doesn't like him, she may lay her ears back and bare her teeth. She might kick. This is a sign that she doesn't like him. Make sure that the stud you choose is calm and nice around mares. Some stallions will bite or kick a mare, or act badly around it.
Make sure that the breeding facilites you choose are good, with big box stalls to keep the mares in, good pasture and grass, and a good feeding plan.

To prepare the mare for stud, get the vet to check her. Trim her feet and take the shoes of her back legs. Wrap her legs and hooves with bandages to pretect the stallion if the mare kicks. Rub her down and clean her, bandage her tail so it doesn't get in the way.

At the stud, the mare will again have a vet check and be rubbed down and groomed. The stallion will be introduced to her, and will breed her. After the breeding, she will probably be put in a stall that will be well boxed in and big, and the breeding managers will need to have a good feeding plan for her.

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