Monday, March 15, 2010

Cloud: the roundup

The picture above is Cloud, Sitka, and Flint. Remember Flint? You can see him in the post, "Flint: Cloud's stepson." He is the one in this picture who's the foal who's limping. Cloud is near Sitka. (Sitka is Flint's mother.) Flint badly hurt himself when he ran all those miles because he was being rounded up. The BLM who is the one who holds the roundups, holds them a lot. They have to keep the populations low, some say too low. When roundups are held, that means that usually 30 or 40 horses lose their freedom. The horses go to good homes, but they lose the things they love most: family, and freedom. Cloud was never taken, (I don't think.) But most of his band was. A lot of foals and yearlings were taken along with their parents.

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