Monday, March 1, 2010

taking care of an orpahaned foal

Orphaned foals are foals that don't have mothers. Usually the foal's mother has died while, or a few minutes after birth. Or the mother could be sick or hurt and isn't able to take care of her foal. Many people love foals and try to save them from being killed by their mothers if the mothers aren't producing any milk for the foal to drink. Usually foals are rescued from their mother and are up for adoption. It may be hard to take care of a foal if you already own a few other horses. If you do decide to buy and take care of a foal, and you might have a mare who can take care of the foal, go for it! The first thing to do when you're looking for a mare to adopt a foal, is to try to pick a mare who has had a foal before, because she may still have milk and she may not act aggressively with the foal and bite it or kick it. If the mare does this, you need to immediately move the mare or the foal away before she injures or kills the foal.

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